• LA Bizarro: 50 Ways to Lose Your Mind: available on the app store
    LA Bizarro

    Looking for the perpetually sunny, palm-lined, Beautiful People wet-dream called Los Angeles? Well move along, partner, because 50 Ways to Lose Your Mind invites you to drop your preconceived notions about El Lay and indulge yourself with 50 of the most unexpected, surprising, offbeat, undiscovered, and downright bizarre hotspots-in-waiting.

  • Know What: available on the app store
    Know What

    Escape Apps' own flagship travel and local discovery app, Know What brings together top bloggers, ground-breaking websites, mission-driven organizations and unique purveyors of rare and vital information into a single amazing app.

  • Modern Hiker's Best LA Hikes: available on the app store
    Modern Hiker

    Modern Hiker covers some of the best trails in and around Los Angeles – ranging from backcountry desert treks to ruins of historic mountain resorts with waterfalls, bridges in the middle of nowhere, and everything in between.

    You’ll never look at L.A. the same way again!

  • SF's Secret Spaces and Hidden Oases from SPUR: available on the app store

    Looking for peace and tranquility amid downtown SF's high-power high-rises? It's here – if you know where to look.

    SF's Secret Gardens and Hidden Oases will lead you to over 50 of these tucked, sometimes hidden, away spaces. Open to all and in many forms, including plazas, roof gardens, greenhouses and atriums.

  • Tablehopper's Top Late-Night Eats in SF: available on the app store
    Marcia "the tablehopper" Gagliardi

    Don’t you hate when hunger strikes at midnight, and you have no idea what’s open or where to go? Marcia “the tablehopper” Gagliardi has compiled almost 100 San Francisco restaurants, cafés, taquerias, pizzerias, and more that serve food past 11 pm. You get the scene, cuisine, and best bets on what to get.

    In a city that likes to shut down at 10 pm, Top Late-Night Eats in SF is essential for anyone who likes to eat and drink after hours.

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L.A. 1960s Architecture: available on the app store

Our latest release

The importance of Greater L.A.’s 1960s architecture can no longer be denied.

The Top 50 of '60s Architecture takes you around LA to see some of the most important buildings of this important decade – many of which are now under threat.

L.A. 1960s Architecture: available on the app store